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Nutrition For The Elderly

Proper nutrition has been shown to make a significant difference in energy levels and the strength of the elderly. One study showed that a large daily dose (40 grams of soy protein) significantly increased bone density in middle-aged and elderly women after six months. That soy protein is found in our product Haelan 951.

One of the complications of taking care of a loved one who is now reaching the latter stages of life is getting them the proper nutrition that they need. It seems like a downward spiral, they don't eat because they don't have the energy and they don't have the energy because they are not eating to get the nutrients their body so desperately needs. Haelan 951 provides the most nutrient dense drink that will help those who are failing to eat the nutrients they need to get more energy. Once nutrients are being supplied, energy levels will go up and will make a significant difference in the lives of those who take them.