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Increase Performance With Haelan 951

Think of your body as your car. What would happen if you stop putting gas into it? What about oil? What if you never gave it a tune up? The answer is simple, over time it would start to fail and eventually quit. Just like a car needing a tune-up, our bodies may be suffering the same fatigue because of lack of nutrition.

Getting the proper nutrients is hard to do in our western diet. We often hear claims of "Has 100% your daily vitamin C intake" and feeling like we want to do our body good, we buy it and eat it knowing that we have done our part to help our body not get sick. But is it enough? "There are more than 40 nutrients that are essential to human life." A lot more than what you hear about on a bottle of orange juice. So what does our body do when it doesn't get all the nutrients it needs? We feel tired or don't perform to what our bodies are capable of. We can have a stunt in growth, our bones can get brittle, and muscle development can be halted. It is very important that we get all the nutrients our body requires in order to feel energetic and have peak brain function.

Especially important for athletes, nutrients are the fuel for perfect performance. Going back to the car analogy, why do Nascar drivers burn 98-110 octane fuel? Why don't they use what the rest of us use at the pump between 81-91 octane? The answer is because they want to have fuel that burns purer and gives off more energy with less waste. Nutrition affects our body the same way that gas affects cars. For athletes the amount of nutrition you intake will determine how fast, far, and powerful your body will perform. An adequate supply of each of the vitamins and minerals is crucial to exercise performance. These nutrients are needed for energy production, oxygen delivery, repair and maintenance of body structures, and antioxidant protection.

Haelan 951 offers a simple solution to giving your body the nutrition required to perform at its peak. With its unique fermentation process nearly all the original nutrients of the soy beans are preserved and packed into each Haelan 951 bottle providing you with all the natural nutrients to keep your body running at top performance.