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Why Eat Naturally?

What is eating healthy? This is a question asked by thousands and has just as many answers. One thing that everyone does agree on is that in order to be healthy we need proper nutrition. Research has confirmed "nutrition is a major factor in optimizing health and performance" and without it our bodies will not perform and disease will take up residence. By feeding our bodies with artificial substances we have created many diseases that have caused thousands to suffer from something that is almost entirely preventable. For example, type II diabetes is caused when a person digests large amounts of sugars and fats and does not exercise. This lifestyle causes an extreme load on the pancreas and it just can't keep up causing disease to form.

Foods that we buy off the shelf seem to last forever, having a seemingly endless life span. We can use bread as a prime example. Bread can sit for almost 2 weeks before showing signs of mold... is that natural? Anyone who has had fresh bread knows that theirs begin to grow mold within 5 days. How do the bread companies do it? One simple word, chemicals. The problem with food labels is that they often do not tell you what chemicals are used to "keep things fresh". They are not required by law to show that on their label. An excerpt from the book The Faltering Quality of Bread by Dr. Robert Harris gives us an insight into our food:

"There are approximately 60 approved chemicals used in the making of flour and bread. Although no single manufacture uses all 60 additives, eight or more are common place. For example, fresh flour is less than snow white and has a strong odour. To overcome these marketing deterrents the flour is gassed in special ovens using chlorine dioxide. The chlorine not only bleaches and matures the flour, it forms compounds such as dichlorostearic acid which remain in the flour. Chlorine dioxide destroys vitamin E, and reacts with certain proteins to form methionine sulfoxide which is known to cause central nervous system damage in humans. If chlorine dioxide is not used, bleaches such as benzoyl peroxide and nitrogen peroxide may be added together with maturing agents such as potassium bromate, potassium iodate and azocarbonamide."

If that doesn't make you worried, what about how they keep the bread fresh for so long?

"Milled white flour stripped of its natural inhibitors is extremely vulnerable to mould infestation. This is overcome by adding propionic acid, the anti-fungal ingredient in athletes foot powder."

Not only are there chemicals that can affect your body negatively but also the amount of calories in such a small servings will surprise you:

Energy (Calories)Exercise for 30 Minutes*Dietary Equivalent
100 Walking, leisurely pace 3/4 cup of ice cream
150 Walking, brisk pace 6 Oreo cookies
200 Stationary cycling, easy 3 tablespoons of peanut butter
240 Lap swimming, leisurely 20 potato chips or French fries
240 Aerobic exercise class 1 slice of pizza
300 Lap swimming, vigorous 12 Hershey Kisses
300 Stationary cycling, vigorous 1 fried chicken leg
300 Running, slow pace 1 Burger King cheeseburger
500 Running, fast pace 1 Taco Bell bean burrito with cheese
*For a person who weighs more than 175 lb, the estimated energy expenditure is slightly higher, and slightly lower for those who weigh less than 175 lb.